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Alcatel 16 GB tablet for kids

2 years warranty

94.23 USD

Tab features:

  • kdmi games
  • 50 free games
  • User to protect the child because the child does not enter YouTube, the settings
  • Connects directly to your smart TV
  • Cover + protective film + stand
  • When you bring the device close to the eye, the device stops immediately
  • Setting daily working hours
  • Memory 16gb
  • RAM 1.5GB
  • Charge 30% in 10 minutes

Learning through playing

TKEE Mini is the perfect first tablet for your child. Protects children's eyesight and reduces exposure to blue light. And the sturdy, tablet-tested design ensures that all of your child's adventures can be marked. Parental Control gives you the ability to set usage limits and view usage history. Educational apps help your children learn through play.

educational apps

Give your child a fun start with the TKEE Mini smart device. Your child can play and stimulate their mind with the award-winning Kidomi platform that offers more than 3,000 games and 2,500 videos with kid-friendly educational content.

Child-friendly protection system

Learn to protect your child with TKEE Mini's parental controls. It enables parents to filter websites, set usage limits, and view their app and content usage history to enable kids to browse and play safely. The TKEE Mini interface is easy to use and navigate for kids, allowing multiple profiles for multiple kids.

Double eye protection

Let your child experience the wonders of technology for the first time while protecting with eye care. TKEE Mini offers double protection using hardware and software to reduce blue light and create ideal viewing conditions for your child's eyes. Start good viewing ways early with TKEE Mini alerts that notify your child if their face gets too close to the screen.


94.23 USD
Out of Stock
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