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chromecast tv connection

75.33 USD

Chromecast is a multimedia content streaming device that connects to the user's TV via the HDMI port, and allows the user to stream video to the TV via several web-based video services such as Netflix , Hulu , etc.

Chromecast uses apps on the user's phone or computer instead of using the traditional remote control to send video to the TV.

Among the supported applications, a special button appears, with which the user can, by simply pressing it, connect to the Chromecast device and choose a video clip to start showing it on the TV after a few seconds. This can be done either on the Android system or on the iOS system.

If the user owns a laptop or desktop computer and uses Google’s Chrome browser, he can broadcast video content on websites that provide video content broadcasting services, after he installs the Google Cast add-on within the browser, and the button for broadcasting content appears within the controls Video on the website.

75.33 USD
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