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gamesir f4 falcon

24.03 USD 34.83 USD

  • Quick start: Plug and play, you can play games without installing drivers or tethering Bluetooth
  • Focus: Unique design - foldable wings, folded
  • Help: 4 types of automated assistance to boost your performance
  • Fast charging: ultra-low power consumption
  • Compatibility: iOS - Android

  • The product is compatible with all mobile phones less than 7 inches

Automatic assistance: where you can choose the preferred mode from among the four to be able to change the weapon from single shots to rapid automatic (machine guns)

Ease of installation smoothly and without the need for a Bluetooth connection or downloading any application

Foldable wings for easy portability

Charging from 1-2 hours is enough to use 30 hours

24.03 USD 34.83 USD
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