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Our special smart watch

High-end smart watch

Apple Watch

80.73 USD

Model: ESW07

The latest version of the smart watch G-tide

The best Apple Watch match

It has a lot of features and high specifications

High battery that lasts up to 7 days continuously

Supports calls and notifications

Support health and fitness programs

Supports a lot of additional features.

The original Apple bracelets can be removed and installed.

Premium warranty for 2 years.

80.73 USD
Out of Stock
One comment

سلطان العسيري

6 months ago

لا والله بالعكس تعاملكم والله ممتاز وأنا قد جربتكم والله الشاهد على كلامي أنكم في قمة التواضع والمصداقيه والله يوفقكم يارب


time mobile

6 months ago

الله يرفع قدرك يا غالي و يجعلنا دائماً عند حسن ظنكم فينا

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