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Products Warranty Policy

1. All electronic devices are guaranteed for two years according to the rules and regulations approved by the competent authorities, except for the accessories and accessories.

2. The original purchase invoice must be kept to benefit from the warranty services and be under the specified period.

3. Products warranty is subject to the manufacturer's policies and can be found in the warranty guide attached with the product or visit the website of the product manufacturer to obtain maintenance and warranty services.

4. Warranty and maintenance services provided by the product agent are not considered the responsibility of Jawwal Zaman, including the repair time and service quality. The customer can communicate directly with the agent in the event of a complaint or claim.

5. We seek to serve you in guaranteeing some products in which we have the authority to repair or replace according to the type of malfunction.

6. The customer has the right to obtain an alternative commodity after paying the value of the fair use or to recover the purchase value after deducting the value of the fair use.

7. We seek to serve you by delivering some products to its agent on behalf of the customer, and the customer has the right to refer directly to the agent to obtain the service directly.

8. The customer has the right to request any information to communicate with the agents and the number of the repair order so that the customer can follow up on his request.

9. To benefit from the warranty service, the customer must take the product with the purchase invoice to one of our branches.

10. The accessories warranty is according to the manufacturer's policy, which is described in the product manual or its website.

11. The fair use cost is calculated at 5% of the product value at the time of purchase (regardless of the time of delivery of the product) for each month starting from the date of purchase, with no more than 80% of the product value.

12. If the product is repaired by us or by an agent, we are not responsible for the loss of any information or programs previously installed in the device. Without the customer's request to make a backup copy, we systems the possibility of making a copy.

13. Any devices or products not collected from customers will be disposed of after a month from the date of receipt.

14. For products that have been delivered to customers in their homes: Customers are served according to the agent’s warranty policy, and if the customer wants us to serve him according to Clause 7, the customer must deliver the product to one of our branches through him, and we do not bear any special sums for delivering the product to and from the customer.