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Show lighter leader battery + battery

107.46 USD

Offer two tablets of the smallest battery in the world

LPO1 Smallest PD Battery QC3.0 10000 Power, QC3.0

Charge your phone with the world's smallest backup battery with QC3.0 fast charging and PD technology.....

  • Smallest PD technology backup battery
  • 10000 mAh battery
  • QC3.0 . Fast Charging Port
  • Lightweight and smaller than other chargers on the market
  • Outputs QC 3.0 - TYPE-C
  • Faster and smarter charging than others
  • Allows you to charge your iPhone, Mac and TYPE-C devices freely
  • Automatic smart charging according to your device.
  • Multiple security and protection system
  • Black color - blue - gray - pink

Box contents

  • Backup battery.
  • TYPE-C . Cable
  • User's Manual
  • Two-year warranty card.

The color of the battery will be changed if the quantity of the required color runs out

107.46 USD
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