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Thermal packaging guarantee

We offer you a new service, which is thermal packaging for all devices, with a one-year warranty that includes the following:

* A compensation guarantee for the customer of up to 500 riyals (estimated from the technical support of the approved packaging company) for breaking the front illuminated screen.

* Screen breakage warranty includes external breakage and for illuminated borders only.

* The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse.

* The customer can replace the packaging with a symbolic amount for each piece (20 riyals only) for the warranty period.

* Protection is replaced immediately in one of our branches, and the financial compensation is a maximum of 15 days, according to the company's policy.

* To take advantage of the warranty, the purchase invoice must be brought along with the warranty card and the device.

* The amount of packaging and service paid through the online store is not refundable, because the product is cut and prepared at the request of the customer, and the amount cannot be refunded in the event of the customer’s request and the delay in responding to the delivery representative for a maximum period of 3 days from the date of the request.

* Among the things that are considered misuse are (exposing the device to a high temperature such as the device’s soreness inside the car during the summer period, as well as exposing the product to perfumes, oils and creams that contain chemicals, as well as tampering with the ends and corners of the product).

* If the customer wants to install a back case, it is preferable to choose a flexible case.

** The product warranty period is one year from the date of ordering.