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Xiaomi Mi Band 4

24.30 USD 39.15 USD

The Xiaomi watch (bracelet) comes in the fourth edition with the following features:

  • The watch's battery life lasts for 20 days in Standby mode.
  • The watch battery is charged in just 2 hours.
  • The watch is compatible with IOS and Android system.
  • Band 4 has 16MB of hard memory and 512KB of RAM.
  • Color screen and improved brightness compared to the previous generation Mi Band 3.
  • The watch screen is operated by touch.
  • The watch is water resistant to a depth of 50 metres.
  • The watch is more powerful compared to the previous Mi Band 3 watch.
  • It contains an alarm
  • Contains weather
  • It has call reminder and notification display
  • It contains calories
  • It contains history
  • It contains a recording of the distance or the number of steps while walking or running
  • It contains a heart rate monitor.
  • An update that supports Arabic language was provided for Xiaomi Band 4 on 20.12.2019 Update the Mi Fit app and update.
  • Dust and stain resistant

24.30 USD 39.15 USD
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